Many people know the famous actor Harrison Ford with many of the most interesting classic films of all time about the famous austereologist Indiana Jones with his adventures to find mysterious artifacts or doctor Richard Kimble in the film “The Fugitive”…

The mole of right hand of Harison Ford

In 2015, the image of Ford appeared in a newspaper The photo of the reporter captured his hand with 2 black moles. The first black mole is on the health line, the second black mole appears on the 3rd knuckle of the fingers.

Ford tended to lose his control then; he often drove the car with uncontrollable way and once be put in jail by the police for his crazy driving at high speed… somethings had happeded to him.

Harrison ford black mole on Hand

A black mole appearing on the health line predict for an accident encountered at the time that mole appeared, just a few months after the appearance in the newspaper, Harrison Ford had a catastrophic personal plane crash that caused him to die. brain surgery, the after-effects of the accident that caused Ford to change his shape drastically, signs of severe epilepsy and the sequelae of the surgery

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The 2nd black mole is located on the 3rd segment on the temple mound, this mole appears to signal demon eyes and black magic. And when you get the black evil, then your health is bad, your eyes are not normal

Also signaled Ford was involved in a police scandal involving speeding more than 100 mph and was jailed in Yates County in the US in 2015, and released after paying a $1,000 fine. It was the devil’s command that made Ford drive at such crazy speed.

Black mole appearing on the hand is very dangerous, mostly show bad signals that it would be happend to your life, when a black mole appears on the hand, you need to be really careful, signaling disaster is about to happen.

What the meaning of mole on Hand

1. Black mole on Mount of Venus

Mole on mount of Venus indicates the bad signal to sex, sexual life, problem in your marriage life, unsatisfied marriage life or the relationship outside the marriage. Sometimes it helps you to have natural sexual attraction & indicates the money.

mole on venus

2. Mole on mount of Sun

The mount of Sun indicates the name & fame of people. But when the mole appears on mount of sun, you should be careful. Mole on mount of Sun normally indicates the sign of court lawsuit, getting the infamy, loss of money, loss of fame or name, people libel you…

mole on mount of sun

3. Mole on mount of Jupiter

if the mole on mount of Jupiter, then there’re strong chance of difficulty in getting marriage, this people are often mean, deceptive… and get troubles in marriage life

mole on mount of jupiter

4. Mole on mount of Saturn

If the mole on mount of Saturn, then it shows the deception, unapproachable person, the luck never comes to this person. And there’re the chance to commit suicide.

mole on mount of saturn

5. Mole on Mount of moon

Mole on mount of Moon indicates late marriage, mental issues like: anxiety, stress, behavioural problems… the mole on this mount also shows to get sinus.

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