Good marriage line on palm always give you a happy marriage life for both wife & husband, improve sexual life, maintain harmony, no signs of divorce or other bad signs to your health at all.

happy marriage line-palmistry

Good marriage line doesn’t mean that there’s no difference of opinion of both wife & husband. But it help to maintain some good points, and in some stituations Good marriage line help the couple to get more success in doing business together.

Good marriage line should be deep, clear with no island, no folk, no black moles… the marriage should be not too short or too long…

happy marriage line

Happy marriage line should base on other aspects of palm like heart line, money line, health… and it also affected by the environtment or the space you live, food or habbits.

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The palmist can give you a conclusion that based on so many other aspects of your palm to know your marriaged life is good or bad. Infact, very less people have a perfect marriage life and happy forever in all life as marriage life as the karmas with difference of opinion. We should maintain or try to have the best or help it last for as long as possible….

The palmist or astrologer always try to find the best way to keep your marriage life in stable way, remove bad luck in your marriage, and get more success.

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