From the marriage line on your hand & other characters; Palmists can predict signs of divorce.

The current reality, divorce with procedures is quite easy. Therefore, even a small conflict can lead to divorce. Therefore, when observing hands, palmists must rely on other factors, combined with astrological methods to be able to make the most accurate predictions.

However, the signs that lead to divorce are bad marriage lines.
There are too many folks on your marriage path, or broken marriage lines…

bad marriage line

As our practical experience, even you observe your marriage line without any other notice of divorce, the chance of divorce still happend. Sometimes, the chance of divorce may come from your partner; for example, he/ she has new relationship or so many other reasons.

By contrast, some couple with conflict from both husband & wife daily, but the divorce hasn’t happen. The best advice from palmist is that you should improve the marriage life by make it peaceful, or improve all aspects in your life such as finance, sexual life, living space, remove conflicts from daily life….

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