Palm reading always considers human life as a river and at each stage in life there will be good times, bad times, and normal times. Therefore, it is very important to see the palm of your hand to know the stages in your life. Especially now, the world is still in the period of epidemics and high inflation; Everyone experiences certain difficulties or falls into periods of high stress.

What is a weak period in life?

The science of palmistry always predicts weak stages in life, thereby guiding you to overcome easily. Everyone has a weak point in life, whether you’re a millionaire or a billionaire.

In a weak period, your money and financial indicators fall deeply. Work or business is not very effective, financial loss, anxiety … or problems in life appear, fraud leads to loss, labor, or health problems occur.

As an eminent palmist, I wish you all the best through the most difficult period of your life. It’s important to stay calm, get rid of negative thoughts, and gradually I will advise or guide you on how to get through the weak phase smoothly.
There are many signs on your hand that indicate you are in a weak Period:

  1. Break on Fateline

break on fateline

Fateline is alway the line show your job & financial status. If your faleline is good, deep then indicate regular financial resources.If there’s a break on your fateline, then it may drive you to weak period…

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2) Big Island on Sunline

island on sunline

Island on sunline is a bad sign. If you see Island or break on Sunline, it mean you’re aproaching weak period. This indicate loss of money, loss of reputation…

3) Square on lifeline

square on lifeline

It’s a bad sign that indicates accident or bad period of health. If your hit this period then you will meet some health problems that cause loss of money, finance, badly affect your career.

Mole on palm of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was in weak period when black mole apppearing on his healthline. This is bad sign that show he’s been in bad period when the health was down, and when having no guide from palmist or astrologer; Jackson had died without any help. This is an example showing you how dangerous bad period in life.

michael jackson

How the palmist predict bad/weak period on palm?

how to calculate in palmistry

By having specific knowledge in palmistry, i can give you prediction when your weak period come. And you can prepare for that period. There’re so many way to prepare for weak period like saving money to upcomming weak period, guiding you with astrology remedy to overcome it easily.

The Story of Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan is so famous with his career in India and Bollywood. But few years ago, he got weak period. By analyzing his hand, palmists understand that he is at a weak stage. There are many other signs of labor on hand as well as the business falling into a period of decline.

And he has been advised to wear Blue Sapphire that fit his horroscope and line on his hand. As you can see now he get stable in his period. Amitabh Bachchan now wear more gemstones and take more extra remedies to live a good life

Amitabh Bachchan
Amitabh Bachchan with his Blue Sapphire

Palmists, on the other hand, also indicate to you the golden age of your life, that is when you have wealth, health, and happiness in all aspects of your life. Investors in Singapore always know the right stage to invest in their life, and only palmists can show them the best way.

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