On the hand there are many signs to indicate wealth in your life. Being rich doesn’t mean you have to be a billionaires or a famous millionaires. Wealth has a broad meaning including: money, property, health, appearance & wide relationships in society.

If your hand has some sign indicating wealth, you will sooner or later become rich even if you come from a poor family and it is not necessary to have an university degree or high study.

If your hand with clear, deep lines & the mounts on your hand are full: the mount of the Sun, Venus, Saturm and Jupiter are full, the overall hand does not have bad signs like island, black moles… that is a good sign that you’re easier to get success & wealth in life.

+ The sunline on palm indicate the fortune. If your sunline is good then it’s really good signal that you will have money & wealth in life.

+ All major lines (lifeline, heartline, fateline, headline) are good to combime for success, reduce the hurdles happend in life. The hurdles relating to health, family… may reduce your success & wealth

hand of wealth
Hand of wealth

+ Mound of Sun symbolizes chances, fame & success in human life, Mound of Venus represents enthusiasm, vitality, and a life of luxury and wealth, while Mount of Jupiter points towards leadership qualities, religion. Those are the necessary factors for you to have a rich and wealthy life

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+ Combined with the line of fate on the hand; if your destiny line is long, deep, unbroken, floating, black mole; that will help you have an abundant and stable financial source; The Thai Duong road needs to be shown, not broken or blurred, it will give you opportunities in life

If the hand has a fishtail sign at the end of life, it is also a rare sign indicating a prosperous life without worrying about lack of money (Figure 2).

fish sign
Fish sign on hand (Figure 2)

The KingRing sign appears on the hand (Figure 4). If your hand with this belt appears on your wrist, you will have a happy life like a king, without having to worry about money.

ring of king
Ring of king (Figure 4)

M on hand. M has been formed by Lifeline, Headline, Heartline & Fateline. It’s auspicious sign that indicate that you will have money in life, especially, having money some period of time after marriage.

M on hand

In my real experience, M on hand of Wáng Yì (a famous chinese politician) or leonardo dicaprio are clear. And they absolutely have money & success in life.

And so many other signs that only the palmist can see it and give the conclusion! Email: [email protected]

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