Marriage line is the type of sugar that is always interested by many people. A happy marriage is always the dream of many people. The marriage line on the hand is the line located on the lower edge of the little finger, on the edge of the Mercury mount.

Everyone has their own marriage line, even priests, Even, people who have not been married all their lives, still have a marriage line on their palm. Normally, there’re 1, 2 or more marriage lines on the palm.

The marriage line reflects your married life: good, normal, bad or very bad… A beautiful marriage line brings a happy married life, less conflict between husband and wife, harmony in married life will be make people’s life easier to prosper, enjoy the fullness of life. On the contrary, a bad marriage line will bring separation, conflicts and quarrels, even leading to divorce.

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What is a beautiful marriage line?

A beautiful marriage line is usually long (but not too long), deep and bold. The bad marriage line often has scratches, floating islands, faint, even black moles on or around the marriage line.

In addition, the good or bad marriage line also changes over time, and depends on other lines on your hand such as Heart Line, Fate line& Sun line.

So palmists will often monitor and draw conclusions about your married life based on observing your entire hand.
Home fengshui also helps improve your married life. For example, the interior of the room is arranged in a harmonious, beautiful room decor. Or create more airy space, reducing sharp objects, remove the mirror from marriage bedroom will improve your married life…

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Donate wheat (equall to your weight) to the poor on Sunday. This will help to improve married life
In addition, according to astrology, palmistry indicates that activating the planet moon in your horoscope will help improve marital life. Wearing a pearl ring on the little finger will help bring peace & good to married life.

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