Heartline In the palmistry is an important item that many people are interested in when looking at palmistry. The heart line reflects your feelings towards the people around you, or how the people around you will react…

A good Heart Line is normally deep, has no breaks, no folks, and extends to the middle finger of your hand, or longer.
Good Heart Path indicates that your relationship with people is harmonious, full of emotions, always in the center of joy and harmony when interacting with people around you.

heartline in palmistry

The Bad Heart line often forms a ox tail, a chain shape, and folks on the heart line. Normally, bad heart line is not good that reflects unhappiness, an unhappy relationship, a lot of jealousy, resentment, stress or depression…. Sometimes, it is easy to break in love affair, being deceived in love or always feel anxiety. If you have bad heart line, then you don’t get the trust and adoration for all the work you do

A bad heart line also indicates eye-related problems or poor eyesight, etc.

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