No one wants to get involved in lawsuit or prison. However, in life there are always hidden risks that make you easy to fall into lawsuit. Law and prison are unexpected issues in human life. Many people get into labor and it is the most stressfull period of their own lives.

In the palmistry; there’re often some signs that indicates of lawsuit. Especially the Sunline, this line on the hand brings you with name, opportunity & finance to people’s life… but it is also easy to emit negative effects such as defamed; losing your name, reputation…or make you easily entangled in lawsuit.

Remove lawsuit sunline in palmistry

It’s not necessarily that you have to do something wrong that will lead to lawsuit problems such as unexpected incidents for example when you drive fast and causing an accident are also involved in lawsuit. Trapped by the bad people is also entangled in lawsuit…

During the weak period, then bad things always happends to you: Financial loss, stress, poor health…it could be the most miserable period of your life.

So palmistry always analyze your hand to show signs of lawsuit & prison.

1) Island appears on Sunline:
The large floating island that appears will signal that you may be entangled in labor. Signals financial loss, or slander, blames you

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2) A black mole appeares on the Sun Line
A black mole is a very bad sign, when it appears on the sunline, it will signal financial loss or easy to get in trouble.

The palmistry science is always looking for ways for you to gradually remove the signs of entangling in labor on your hands. Mostly change the sunline always brings you the improvement in so many aspects: weath, chances & remove lawsuit problems in your life. Contact: [email protected]

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