Many people wonder how to increase their fortune in life? How to change destiny in a positive way?
Our palmistry science has analyzed many aspects & gives you in-depth advice to increase your luck & fortune, helping you live a better, safer, healthier & more successful life according to the guide direction of the palmistry science & Vedic remedy.

So what can boost your fortune?

You need to understand the term “fortune”. Fortune drives you more success, and happniess. If you don’t have fortune, you get harder to get success even hard work. Most people become billionaire or milionaire when they have great fortune. The Fortune drives you to any success in any circumstances, attract the chaces, attract the good partner, everything seems tobe smooth if you have great fortune…

vedic remedy

In Vedic Remedy, we also suggest you with more way to increase your fortune!

+ Wear 1 type of jade: According to Vedic astrology, each type of gemstone corresponds to 1 planet in your horoscope. Astrologers often observe your hand, and advise you on the right type of gemstone.
When gemstone corresponds to the levels in the horoscope, your fortune in life will grow in a positive direction. You will have a richer, more prosperous life or each type of jade has a different meaning such as health protection, good for married life.

+ Do charity: Charity is a miracle that helps you change your destiny for the better, reduce barriers in life. However, each charity miracle also needs to be done properly or periodically to produce results

+ Change the feng shui of the house where you live: A beautiful house, fresh living space, good water and air source, arrange the furniture in proper way & help you always feel comfortable when living in that house will bring improvement. health, and gradually your life’s fortune will increase

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+ A good name: a good, unique and meaningful name always brings unexpected success. For example: Kamala Harris – is the name of the US vice president, Kamala in Indian means “lotus”, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha – the chairman of Leicescity Football Club, forbes billionaire, then Srivaddhanaprabha means “light of progressive glory” . You can change your nickname by a name that, when translated from a certain language, has a unique meaning that coincides with the meanings of the words: fortune, prosperity, happiness, king, progression, bravery, universe, galaxy … will be very good for your luck & fortune in life.

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