Ravi palm reading service industry accepts hand readings for customers in need in France. We have over 15 years of experience in the field of palmistry; predict yourthe future & so many other aspects.
From your hand, we can predict issues related to finance, health, work, marriage, accommodation…
Palmistry is a science, relying on the lines and mounds on the hands to indicate the past, present and future. We can analyze your hand & send you the report, predict love , age of marriage & in so many different aspect: financial matters in life, period in life, relationships, career, or changes in life and many different aspects.


What you need is to send your information to us, take a clear picture of your hand, take both hands. Then send us information:
+ Full name
+ Gender
+ Date of birth
+ Indicate which hand is dominant

And the questions you want to query.

The results we will return to your email from 1 to 9 days… The application of palmistry science will help your life be interpreted in many multi-dimensional angles, analyzed and give the conclusions. We always want all our customers to have a safe, happy & prosperous life…

Email: [email protected]

Palmistry Service with fee $24.99, the result has been sent back after 5 days, be consulted from famous palmist & astrologer: Ravi Samriddhi. Contact via email: [email protected]
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