The fateline is a vertical line running from Ketu mount or Mount of Moon to the Mount of Saturn  on the hand. The meaning of the fate line is often different on each hand. The destiny line often reflects the luck, career nature, money flow, and ability to work. Sometimes reflect on the personal relationships in your life…fateline

What is the good fateline?

The good fortune line should usually be deep, without broken lines, diagonal lines, or appear islands or moles. Exellent fateline always with special signs, like star on fateline of Hitler

What is the bad fateline?

Is a faint line, broken or bad signs appear.

Island on fateline

Fateline Analysis

Based on the fate line on the hand, astrologers can predict life stages / periods in your life. Good period, bad period, money-making period or difficult period…

In addition, the destiny line also reflects work capacity, stability in work or frequent changes. The fateline also reflects the sources of income, sometimes relationships in a person’s life.

Improving the fateline will make good luck come, from which people’s lives will be more successful.

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