Each palm line will have a certain meaning. Many people are interested in pointing to the way to go abroad. Predict whether they tend to go abroad, travel far or whether women have the opportunity to marry a foreigner or settle far away. From another perspective, for those who are passionate about traveling and exploring, observing the travel route can predict whether their journey will go smoothly or encounter obstacles.

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Explore your hand in palmistry

Since ancient times, reading palm lines has been very popular and used to predict each person’s destiny, career, love, and life. After many years of accumulating and summarizing practical experience, palm reading is still being researched and developed.

Right from birth, people have lines on their palms. Each person will have ridges and lines with different shapes, opacity, and clarity. The physiognomy of the school pointed fingers and said that these were the unknowns about human destiny.

Travelline palmistry
Travelline palmistry

In any hand, there are 3 basic and clear lines:

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  • Life Line (also known as fate line or life line)
  • Headline (path of brain ability, path of intellect or path of learning, path of wisdom)
  • Heartline (the emotional line)

In addition to the three basic palm lines above, there are other palm lines that not everyone possesses including:

  • Career line
  • Health line
  • Fortune line (or Sunline)
  • Lucky line (or Fateline)
  • Marriage line
  • Children line

The art of palm reading was born to predict a person’s life, health, psychology as well as personality and life. Furthermore, palm reading is also a sign of identifying life in each stage. Palm reading is also the key to opening up extremely useful information, helping people understand their own abilities, advantages as well as shortcomings, so that they can know how to promote their strengths and limitations. weakness, from there gradually rise to take charge of one’s own destiny.

Instructions on how to see your travel lines in palmistry

The foreign palm line is understood as a special line because it can appear right from birth or in some people when they are adults, it can also appear for a period of time and then disappear again. clearly visible and not everyone owns this line.

Where is the travel line located?

The outward lines of the hand are the ridges located below the Heart line or the Head line, it usually runs parallel to the side of the hand from the little finger down. To determine the exact outward line, it is necessary to observe the edge of the hand adjacent to the little finger from the wrist up to the third largest palm position from the wrist, if there is a palm line running straight from the edge of the hand. If you go up, this is the way out.

These lines will often appear with people who work long-term abroad, marry foreigners, or may permanently settle there without returning to their homeland.

The more seamless, deep and clear the palm lines for going abroad are, the higher the possibility of going abroad, always having good luck and being able to succeed when going abroad. On the contrary, if the palm of your hand when going abroad is characterized by a blurred, broken or disordered line, you are likely to encounter many incidents, difficulties, hardships and hardships in a foreign country. Some people may even be in danger or only go abroad for a while and then have to return home.

How to read your travel lines according to the palm mounds?

To see if the palm has a path to go abroad or not, physiologists have a way to determine the signs of going abroad and changing residence based on the position of the palm on specific hand mounds:

– Mount of saturn is located below the index finger, pointing to the spirit of progress and effort for career success. According to the bagua, this mound belongs to the Sun palace, symbolizing the wind, so it has the nature of change, fluctuations and the ability to spread. If the Mount of Jupiter grows with development and fresh mood, this person will have the opportunity to go abroad and the possibility of going abroad is very great.

– The Mount of Moon is located near the end of the hand, near the wrist and below the Mount of Mars, opposite the Mount of Venus (in the thumb). This mound represents that person’s assets and interests are traveling and learning. If this mound is favorable, they usually tend to go abroad. If the Mount of Moon is not rosy, smooth and has many wrinkles, lines or X marks, the process of going abroad will be quite costly in terms of money, and going to work will not bring back many assets.

If the Mount of Moon is lush, bright and shaped like a star, then you will often have luck in the process of going abroad, meeting many people who love you and helping you, or even having a good relationship.

– The Mount of Sun is located below the ring finger, indicating brilliance, brilliance and fame, a far-reaching reputation. People with a flourishing, smooth Sun mount and a favorable mood tend to establish a career far away and have great fame and prestige, so the opportunity to go abroad is also open.

Check your palm for the route to foreign countries based on the palm of your hand

In fact, some people are born with lines appearing on their palms, but there are others who only appear at a certain time. Therefore, when reading the palm lines going abroad, the ancients concluded a few signs as follows:

  • Having big and plump mount of moon or the hard Mars mount
  • On Mount off Moon with many horizontal tourist paths appear
  • The Headline is hard and flows down to the Mount of Moon
  • A triangle appears on the mount of moon

Overview of how to read the foreign lines on palm

First, if there are parallel lines under the little finger that are deep, clear, and have branching branches, there is a high possibility that in the future this person will settle abroad with a stable life.

In case this line is divided into two at the tail, you need to be very cautious, it is easy to follow excessive pleasures leading to the possibility of encountering danger and obstacles.

When there is a straight line crossing the head line, it is easy to encounter unnecessary injuries during the process of going abroad

On the mount of moon, deformed lines appear, showing that in the future you will meet a special person to help change your destiny. If the opportunity is good, you will definitely have a long-term job abroad.

If this line appears island-shaped, it may encounter conflicts and disputes during the process of exporting abroad

If this line is deformed from the wrist up to the mount of Jupiter (under the index finger), this is a sign of luck and convenience, and there will be many interesting experiences during the process of settling in a foreign country.

The appearance of an X on the line of the hand going abroad on mont of moon is a sign of wasting money on paperwork and procedures, and you may have to go through many difficulties and failures to achieve success.

In case the thread is long from the edge of the hand to the palm and is not interrupted at the wrist, this person will easily have good luck in terms of fortune and money on their trips abroad.

Suggested directions for going abroad to have good luck

People with foreign appearance include: natural, spacious, flat with a slight protrusion in the front but light skin tone will often be extremely suitable for living and working abroad. In addition, when settling abroad, they will always feel happy, supported and loved by friends as well as accompany them in important things.

Moreover, work and study also become much better and more convenient. When you encounter difficulties, there will always be people who promptly appear to help you the best they can. Especially if you need to go abroad to visit relatives or go on short-term business trips, these trips are always guaranteed to be safe, smooth and complete, rarely encountering unexpected problems. survey.

For people with a good celestial sign combined with a wide, high forehead, they are usually smart and intelligent people who come from well-off families.

Most of these people were raised well from an early age, so when they went abroad, they quickly integrated and adapted to new and unfamiliar environments.

 who go abroad easily encounter difficulties and uncertainties?

For those whose appearance in the Thien Di Palace is concave and crooked, the path of these people to go abroad is quite difficult and does not encounter many good things. If the person has a celestial sign and has ugly moles, deep depressions or scars, or a hairline that violates the corner of the forehead or even has arc-shaped wrinkles, it will be very difficult for this person to adapt to the change in appearance. new and unfamiliar work and environment.

In addition, they are also susceptible to being harmed by bad people, so it is very difficult for them to develop themselves or have problems such as being easily injured or having traffic accidents.

That’s why these people need to be especially careful and attentive when participating in traffic using high-speed vehicles.

Furthermore, people with moles in the Celestial Palace are also very susceptible to misfortune, disasters are always lurking around and must always be on guard in life.

In general, people who own the Celestial Palace will often have many bad characteristics that are quite difficult and often unfavorable. In addition, it is also not suitable for going abroad or working in professions that require too much travel, specifically: Foreign affairs, trading, or working as a tour guide or instead they can refer to the Other professions are more comfortable such as working in the office, doing business…

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