Everyone wish to have a happy married life after marriage. But for some reasons, their marriage turn to bad period when the conflicts happend or they don’t feel the happiness in married life.

Palmistry with Vedic Remedy always try to improve the way to help you with. But all guides have been made in combination to have the best result.

  1. Donate the wheat to the poor on street on Sunday to improve marriage life.
  2. Wear yellow sapphire to improve the marriage life for you


With yellow sapphire, the gemstone can help you to remove the obstacles in getting married, matching the right partner in relationship. It can helps to serve an auspicious engagement. And in horoscope of women, yellow saphire represent to Jupiter and it gives the the joys of marital bliss.

What you need to consult the palmist to get the right answer as well as the energize the gemstone in properly way!

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