Any girls/ women want to get a husband she likes. However, to increase that luck you need to follow the tips. Normally, successful men and businessmen will often like to pursue beautiful & dignified girls/ women or they belong to good family… Therefore, women who want to get married to good men & find the right husband, they need to improve in all aspects their beauty; altruistic, noble heart, virtues as well as appearance. Here, we do not focus too much about the beauty & appearance , and we want to impress the hidden beauty from depth in their soul or in palmistry .

Suggest the remedy

Vedic astrology & palmistry with specific remedy to increase your luck in getting the right husband.

+ Please donate white rice to poor families on Friday. Please donate rice equal to your weight. White rice represents Venus, which will help increase the elegant beauty that this planet blesses you. Planet Venus in the horoscope often brings irresistible sex appeal, which is good for love
+ Purchase betel nut and leaf on Friday and purchase a bottle of honey (new) small one
.Write your wish on betel leaf (about your love and marriage) with red pen then place betel nut on betel leaf and then fold it and then tie it with red thread and then dip it in honey bottle and then throw it (honey bottle) in ocean, river, pound, etc

Sign to get to the rich husband in palmistry

sign to get with the rich

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