With over 10 years of experience in palm reading service, I have seen +60,000 hands for clients all over the world. Our services meet the needs of predicting the future, predicting work, love & marriage, health…. Like many other aspects of life. We always aim for noble values, guide you to have a good life, protect you from dangerous events in life, gradually towards a bright future.

Hi, I’m Ravi – palmistry based in Mumbai, India. We accept online hand translation for clients around the world. You just need to send us a photo of your hand and the results will be returned after 1 week at a cost of $ 24.99 with answers to the questions you are interested in.

Many new customers are interested in what is included in the results, how Online Palmistry Scanner look likes & what parts are in each report.

So we will send you a sample result, you can download Free Online Palmistry Scanner at: PALM READING_Harpreet Walia

Contact me via email: [email protected]

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Palmistry Service with fee $24.99, the result has been sent back after 5 days, be consulted from famous palmist & astrologer: Ravi Samriddhi. Contact via email: [email protected]