President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela must wear a green emerald on his little finger.

Like other politicians or businessmen in the world, Mr. Maduro’s also believed in and understands the power of astrology & palmistry that affects the good and bad of people’s lives. These days, Venezuelan media always pay attention to the emerald ring that their prime minister wears on his little finger.


Maduro’s choosen to wear emerald for specific reasons. Emerald represents the planet Mercury, bringing profound wisdom, increasing speech ability, promoting wisdom in operations… thereby bringing success, increased wealth & money as well as protect your fortune for whole life. As a prime minister, Maduro knows this is essential, and after being analyzed horoscopes by palmist & astrologer; he decided to choose to wear the Emerald. The ring is worn on the little finger, because under the little finger is the mount of Mercury. And the ring’s also made of gold. Astrologers and palmists always know that gold is a good metal as energy conductor for emeralds.

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