Black magic is a bad force that the evil can target you and give the negative effect on you! By observing your hand, we can know if you have been shown by the magic or not

black magic palmistry

Normally, if the mole appear on your hand, in knuckles that it’s a sign of the black magic.

What is the negative effects of black magic?

If a person get black magic, then his/ her health is down. The eyes are not normall, the color of eyes is bad, fade…then the luck can’t come to him or her. Some black evil can creates the accidents to your life, threaten your life.

The soul has not yet escaped which it’s been believed to cause the evil force and they effect you. If you don’t have the protection in palmistry or astrology, then you may have chance to get this problem.

Then the palmist would suggest you with the best remedies to avoid it! Normally, we suggest you to protect your home from evil, suggest you with energized gemstone to protect you… as well as other remedies.

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