There are many precious oils on the hand that indicate money that a person will have at a certain stage in his life. Sometimes, the even people belong to the poor family, but he/ she would get success in life with good hand. Those signals that we call “auspicious signs on hand”

sign of luck on hand
1) The main lines and mounds on the hands are good.

The main lines on the hand such as life, wisdom, heart, destiny, and sun… are clear & deep, unbroken, or have floating islands, or ox tails.
The main lines on the hand are clear and deep, which is the premise for a successful life.
+Good Lifeline: signifies good health, a person’s life with few barriers, a stable family and a lot of progress in life.
+ Good Headline: indicates good mental capacity, clear intellect, from which to make the right decisions in life, thereby getting more success.
+ Good fateline: The line of fate represents opportunities and fortune. The line of fate without breaking indicates a stable, regular income, or indicates the ability to operate well.
+ Good Heart line: Heart line indicates emotions; People with good spiritual path have good emotions. Motivated & passionate about investment, rich in emotions & good human relations, always feel happy, thereby attracting more success in life

2) All mounts are prominent

All mounts are prominent show good signals on hand. Mount of Jupiter shows the Ambition, Wisdom, Intelligence… Mount of Saturn indicates the Harworking, work with high load, Mount of Sun reveals the name & fame; Fame would give people more success & wealth. Mount of Mercury shows the erudition, deep focus, only people with deep concentration can know the potential in each field of investing & doing business.

3) The Sunline

The Sunline, also known as the fortune line, is located on the Mount of Sun, representing the Fortune of people’s lives. People with a exellent/good Sunline will be successful in whatever they do, success in any fields, and have many opportunities in life. In contrast to a broken temporal line, or a floating island, a black mole is a sign of financial loss.
In particular, the Sunline is tight 3, which is an auspicious sign indicating wealth in life

4) M on hand

M is the auspicious sign on hand that indicates the money, rich in life. The more M forms beautifully, the more success people have in life. Especially, if M appears on both hand, then there’re strong chances to get money in life


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5) Fish tail at the end of Lifeline

Fish tail reveals the prosperity life of poeple. If your hand with fish tail, then he/she will have prosperity life, the mind turns to noble things, but it also shows the risk at nearby water, chances of drowning.

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