In palmistry, the marriage line is an important line that determines the success of a person’s life. Although not directly bringing finance, opportunities, and luck like other roads; but the marriage line complements the other lines to develop together.
Millionaires, billionaires often only succeed after marriage. Few people become millionaires while single.

What happens to the marriage line after you get married?

Usually after marriage, the marriage lines of both husband and wife will support each other and develop together. Or if the wife stays at home to do housework, then the Sunline on your palm will be transferred from the helping hand of the wife to the husband. The husband will be more successful, the income  will also increase more than before marriage.


The better the marriage path, the easier it will be to succeed

If your marital line is good, the husband and wife relationship will be harmonious, and bring more success. On the contrary, if the marriage line is bad, then it’s hard for you to have a fully success & happiness in life

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