The lucky line or known as fortune line as the sun line indicades your fortune & luck in life. This line begins on the surface of the mount of sun, & form a vertical line on this mount.

sunline-in-palmistryAbout sunline

Most people have this line on their hand. This line brings fame, finance, and good fortune to people’s lives. Normally, The palmists observe this line  on right hand to know your status, financial status. The more beautiful the sunline it’s, the greater the fortune & success as well as the opportunities in life will come to you.

In addition, the sunline also points to your labor productivity, many people have less success or Work inefficient because this line on their hand is bad.

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+ Trident on sunline. Closed figure 3 indicates a fruitful life, this person will have wealth in life, gain a name & a wide relationship in society.

+ The sunline has formed an island shape, indicates financial loss, possible loss due to wrong investment, or being deceived and cheated in doing business.

In particular, if a black mole appears on the sunline, it will signal a fading name, this person is easy to stick to tuberculosis; also indicates financial loss

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If the temporal line is missing on your hand. If this line is missing on the hand, it indicates very poor finances, often associated with poverty

How to improve the sunline?

If you want to improve the sunline on your hand, you need to maintain your living space in better, maintain a good lifestyle, donate the wheat for the poor family on sunday, wear ruby with gold ring at the ring finger of right hand.

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