What Is A Real Meaning Of Palmistry?


Since virtually man became man, those things at the end of our arms have held fascination for us. Just imagine the things you can do with them ( behave yourselves, lets have none of that type of imagination ). If you think about it our hands really do just about everything for us, and if you didn’t have them, just think how difficult life could be. No wonder they say our life is in our hands …it is !

Even the Bible has passages that refer to palmistry as indication of what’s likely to befall us. To quote but just two :

Jobe 37.7

and God placed signs and marks on the hands of all the sons of men, so that all men might know their works.

Proverbs 3.16

Length of days is in her right hand and on her left hand riches and honour.

Palmistry is practised in virtually every country of the world and the way of reading the lines doesn’t differ too much from culture to culture. Some cultures do pay more attention to certain parts of the hand more than others, but in the main there are not many variations. For the purpose of this book I have stuck to the traditional way.

A question frequently asked is what hand does one read or do you read both. Most peoples left and right hand will differ in their markings, this is because in the case of a right handed person, the left hand gives you the talents you were born with, whilst the right hand tells you what you will make of them. In theory then, the right hand tells you your future and will be the one that most palmists read. If you are left handed the reverse applies.

Although the main lines are there at birth and remain much the same throughout life, other lines will appear as the child reaches maturity. Even then, as life progresses some of the minor lines can come and go!

A palm reading should only be given to someone from the age of 15+, as it is around this age, most lines will have reached maturity. Now there are one or two clever dickies about who are ambidextrous..what do you do then ? Tell them to clear off, that’s what you do. I’m only kidding, try and ascertain which hand they prefer to write with or hold their fork with, then commence to use that hand as the one to read.

In reading another’s palm first of all get them to present their hand to you with the back of the hand facing you. What does this tell us ?…..in actual fact it tells us quite a bit:

If you notice all the fingers touching or very close to each other, then you can bet your bottom dollar that this person is one who will keep matters close to their chest. In many ways only they will know themselves ; others can often think of them as a person who keeps themselves to themselves. They are the type of person to keep a confidence and therefore usually make for a trusted friend. Often though, they will be like an ‘ivory tower’ and don’t seek help for their own problems, preferring to sort it out by their own initiative. Apt to get on in life, but they are likely also to suffer from the stresses of modern day living.

Should a hand have most of the fingers together but with the little finger apart, much the same as above applies, except here you have someone who is likely, quite out the blue, to go and do something quite outrageous now and again ! With no warning and often against the run of things, they can be apt to take a chance on something, switch to a new job or suddenly move house, maybe with no justification for doing so, except that they felt like it at the time. Consequently they can make a few momentous errors here and there !

In some ways however, it can be a good thing, because maybe it’s their way of releasing pent up tensions.

With all the fingers open and away from each other, this person is probably someone whose life is somewhat of an open book. A hail fellow well met type, who usually mixes well with all those he comes in contact with and treats others as they treat him. In many ways an average type of fellow, taking the good and bad of life in his stride and seeking help where necessary.

Now, with the back of the hand still facing you, you can then tell more of their character by noting the hands shape.


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